Booked an appointment with Olivia and Vienna as I saw they were both advertising

for duos.  Let me just say I was blown away.  They were both excellent.  I wont give away too

much detail, but they were both very interactive with each other and myself.

I am usually hesitant  on duos as I never know how well I will click with the providers, but they both made me super comfortable. The studio was clean and neat. There is only one shower in the bathroom for now which I didnt mind aa there were robes provided.  Olivia did mention she was doing spa renovations in October which will include:  brand new showers, entrance and bathroom renovations. I

have seen Dayja's ads and she look beautiful, any intel?




As you can see reviews are not my thing, after this I will owe a few other ladies.

Finally I was able to connect with Vienna. Booking was easy. Website info is all good.
I was a little nervous as it was the first time seeing her, she put me at ease in no time. She is very attractive with great curves, beautiful eyes and great smile. After some conversation we started off with a relaxing massage that quickly led to a great experience. Not going get into details. This woman is exceptional and well worth your time.

Will definitely be making another visit.


Since moving to the area a couple of months ago, I’ve been looking for a lady who can match my taste for the exotic. As an aficionado of kink and fetishes, it’s difficult to find someone who is not only willing, but shares my passion for the unusual. Earlier this week, I finally found her - Goddess Vienna.

One of the first characteristics I noticed was her professionalism. A second was her communication. She responds quickly to messages, but moreover, with conciseness and clarity. Vienna is easy to work with, but I can sense she doesn’t tolerate nonsense. This is a huge plus for me after dealing with a number of women who wait hours, or even days before responding.

A third characteristic was her apartment, which was simply appointed and very clean. I immediately felt comfortable walking into her place.

Finally, though she exemplifies professionalism, Goddess Vienna is a warm woman who engages in conversation, demonstrating a keen intelligence behind her penetrating eyes.

After emptying my bladder from a large coffee and returning to the master bedroom, I was delighted to see her fully naked, sitting on the bed, inviting me to sit next to her. Nature has graced her with elegant curves and some of the best breasts in Edmonton. We discussed limits and boundaries, then proceeded to enjoy each other in ways only those who fully embrace BDSM can. To my great pleasure, Goddess Vienna shares almost all my interests and has experience in virtually every fantasy and fetish that I named. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing a woman advertise certain activities only to tell you that she really “doesn’t do that.” While I appreciate the YMMV concept, it’s inspiring to meet someone who has great mileage! We didn’t fully explore all of our interests - this first meeting helped explore our interests. Our next session will be more intense with supplemental tools enhancing the encounter.

I don’t like to get too specific on our activities so let me just say that I have a taste for her taste. She tested my limits and the more she did, the more aroused I became. When she finally allowed me to release, it wasn’t a sudden splash, but an extended event with alternating waves of tension and eruption until my energy was depleted. An orgasm of the year!

I continue to think of her often since our first meeting and am looking forward to our next encounter. If there are any young and inexperienced providers who want to learn how to be a professional in this hobby, Goddess Vienna is the mentor to seek out.


This was my first experience in texting roleplay with Vienna. I was looking for some de-stress and I loved it. She is amazing. The texting was excellent, even for some minutes. I am really glad to have taken this service with her, she really knows how to handle a great conversation according to what role are you looking for.

Thank you babe! you rock
Till next time


I had the pleasure of spending some time with Vienna Kartel, truly amazing!

Setting up a day and time was very easy, Vienna communicates very clearly and promptly.

The incall is very clean and well maintained as well as easy to find with ample parking.

Vienna is very clear both on her website and in person as to what she offers which is a very extensive menu.

Without sharing too many intimate details I had an amazing time and cannot wait to repeat ASAP.

Thank you Vienna!


This is my first ever post so please be kind. Lol
I had the pleasure of spending some time with the beautiful and lovely Vienna. Booking with here was really easy if you can actually follow instructions, and your respectful. This lady is the real deal. If you book with her and you do your reseach and actually read her website, she is the real deal. Her personality is off the chart, she is so easy to talk to. I would have loved to spend hours just having a conversation with her. Her body is omg and everything about her truly rocks. Guys if you're clean respectful and follow instructions she is the lady to see. I truly look forward to seeing her in the future. Its been almost 2 days and i still can't shake the permagrin she left in my face. Thank you Vienna for an amazing time.


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