Can you send a picture or video to me so I can verify that it's you?

I do not send pictures/videos for verification. All my pictures & videos are on my website & my Twitter. I'm highly reviewed and would never risk my reputation by being a "fake".

Do you offer bbfs even if I pay extra?

No I do not offer bare sex. Please do not ask. You will

 be immediately blocked.


Do you travel?

Rarely do I travel. If I happen to travel it'll be posted

on my contact page.


Do you entertain couples?

At the moment I am not entertaining couples.

Are you "party friendly"?

No. If you arrive to our appointment intoxicated/under the influence I will calmly tell you to please leave & there will be no session.

So what kind of service do you provide?

I provide an open minded GFE to those who have impeccable hygiene, do not barter rates and are gentle. Bartering my rates is a very quick way to get our appointment cancelled,

Do you offer Greek?

Currently I am not offering Greek, although this may change and if it does change it'll be

posted on here.

Can I come to your house?

No you cannot come to my house. I host from two brand new high end studios in Edmonton, 


  • THE MANOR ON 149st

I already showered do I have to shower again?

Yes please. This can and will effect your service level if you choose to not shower.

What are the locations of the spas you work from?



  • Ample & Safe parking

  • The Manor

  • 11484 - 149st    

  • There is no signage on our door for your discretion.

  • Address on front door only

  • Ample & Safe parking

  • Do you provide references?

  • Absolutely! If I've seen you in the past 6 months I can definitely provide one. If it's been longer than 6 months then unfortunately I cannot.

Can we chat on the phone?

Unfortunately, I do not chat on the phone. I prefer to communicate via TEXT only. Pls do not call. Calls will not be answered.

How old are you?

I'm in my 30's.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

I'm open to working with your schedule. But please give me as much notice as possible in the event you have to cancel. Remember my time is just as important as yours. Let's work together! :)

Can you accommodate short notice appointments?

That depends on my schedule. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. I do prefer the client to pre-book their appointments. I'm forever appreciative when a client pre-books!

Do you except debit, Visa or E-transfer?

I accept cash only.  Sometmes if the situation calls for it

I will allow etransfer, however this is very rare.


Do you allow video recordings?

No. No. No.

If I ask you where you've heard from me before, please understand this is soley for advertising purposes only.

Do you accept gifts?

Yes of course if you so choose to send me a gift I will be the happiest girl! Gifts are never expected, but trust me they never go under appreciated.

My Wishlist is on my Twitter page @KartelVienna.


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